Looking for the Best Places to Eat in Nashville?

Nashville is home to country music and southern cooking, which means there are plenty of great places to eat. As a matter of fact, there are so many choices it can be a bit overwhelming, which is why our team has reviewed the best places for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner in Nashville. If you are looking for a particular type of food such as world famous Nashville hot chicken,  you can find our top picks for that and many more below.

The Best Restaurants in Nashville

Out-of-towners don’t realize how big of a culinary gem Nashville is until they come to visit. Nashville natives have known for many years but it takes visitors to the city to experience the iconic fiery hot chicken, famous meat-and-three plates, and farm-to-table fixins’. Although Nashville is famous for its southern food, don’t let the deep fried chicken and fluffy biscuits fool you… the Nashville food scene is incredibly diverse as well.

Whether you crave great BBQ downtown or have a-hankering' for a juicy steak from an upscale steakhouse in Green Hills, there is is a restaurant, food truck, or mom and pops spot to meet the needs of any appetite. In case you didn’t know it, some of the best restaurants in Nashville, are also some of the best restaurants in the US! People who LOVE food, aka “foodies” base their vacations and trips on destinations with thriving food scenes. Those who visit Nashville’s food scene are nothing short of amazed.

The amazing thing about Nashville restaurants is that they’re not just generalized to one specific area. You can find great eats in every neighborhood of Nashville! For mouth-watering hot chicken, make your way to the Midtown neighborhood of Nashville to feast on Hattie B’s famous hot chicken. If you’re more in the mood for some southern comfort foods then come on down to Arnold’s Country Kitchen where the food is so good, it’ll make your tongue slap your forehead!

As mentioned earlier, Nashville is very diverse and also caters to taste buds wanting a fancier feast as well as to those with plant-based diets. When channeling your inner fancy, dine in class at the famous 5th and Taylor restaurant in the downtown area. If you’re more health conscious of what you eat, have no fear, restaurants like Graze and AVO will provide you with all the vegan options your heart desires. The vegan options these restaurants provide, make them some of the best places to eat in Nashville.

Whether your trip to Nashville is due to a bachelor/bachelorette party, Country Music Festival, or just for a weekend getaway, you can’t come to Nashville and not eat at the best Nashville restaurants! The same logic applies to foodies, food snobs, and people who simply just enjoy eating good food, coming to Nashville to get your fix will be the best decision you ever made. Top 10 TN is here to take your on the best food tour your taste buds will ever experience!