10 Best House Cleaning Services Nashville

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10 best house cleaning services near me in nashville tn

Nashville House Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be a tedious chore and many people don’t enjoy doing it or simply don’t have the time to. Hiring cleaning services give you the peace of mind that you can have a clean home and not have to worry about time-consuming labor. From counters and bathtubs to floors and baseboards, cleaning services make sure your home is spic and span and presentable. There are always service nearby that provide specialized home cleaning.

Messy homes not only cause anxiety but eliminate allergies to dust and dirt. Some people may think that hiring house cleaning services are unnecessary but if you don’t have the time, it is greatly beneficial. If you are looking for a great house cleaning service near you, our top 10 list is a great place to start.

Best House Cleaning Services in Nashville

There are many quality services available within the vicinity of Nashville, TN. These services are a little different than commercial and office cleaning services as they pay attention to small details. Homes are where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, hiring a cleaning service can grant you that. Working in the busy city of Nashville can put a hold on the time you have to tidy up your home, from long waits in traffic to long business hours. There should be no worry because there are options out there for you. Here are the best house cleaning services in Nashville.


1) Tidy TN

Tidy TN Nashville TN

Overview: Tidy TN is known for its prompt and quality services. If you need your home cleaned within a certain time frame, this home cleaning service is there to take care of your household chores. When you plan to have guests come over for special occasions, Tidy TN is perfect for one time services. They also offer ongoing cleaning services that can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Starting Price: Get An Instant Online Quote

Office Address: 2000 Glen Echo Road, Nashville, TN 37215

Phone number: (615) 510-3170

Website: https://tidytn.com/house-cleaning-service-nashville/


2) Two Sisters Maid To Clean

Overview: This cleaning service provides assurance that your home will be spic and span for your relaxation. By providing last minute bookings and flexible scheduling, they are there when you need them. From deep cleanings to carpet revivals, Two Sisters Maid To Clean is a highly rated home cleaning service dedicated to serving the communities of Nashville.

Starting Price: $85

Phone Number: (615) 596-7433

Website: twosistersmaidtoclean.com

3) R & R Cleaning Services

Overview: R & R Cleaning Services provides many kinds of cleaning packages. From patios cleaning to in-home cleaning within a 4-hour time frame. They pride themselves on providing extraordinary cleaning services for a comfortable environment. Expect professionalism and quality work for washing of all kinds of washing services, from siding to driveways.

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Phone Number: (615) 807-0252

Website: https://www.doublercleaningservices.com/book-online

cleaning kitchen in nashville home

4) Prestigious Cleaning Services

Overview: Professional cleaning service company dedicated to providing quality work while being attentive to certain projects and special requests. Communication is where this business shines as they strive to keep concise and clear business conversations to provide the best work possible.

Starting Price: $85

Phone Number: (615)319-7599

Website: https://www.prestigiouscleaners.org/

5) BnB Be Clean

Overview: BnB Be Clean is a service provided to the people of Nashville at their requested specifications while using client suggested cleaning products. This company prides itself on providing 5-star hotel quality work while relieving homeowners of the stress of cleaning duties and chores.

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Office address: 2312 Demarius Dr, Nashville, TN 37216

Phone Number: (615) 727-2285

Website: https://www.bnbbeclean.com/

6) Homebird

Overview: Homebird is a cleaning subscription that will come and clean your home twice a month while you sit back and relax. Effective cleaning is provided within an hour time frame for standard purposes and the more detailed you want your home to be cleaned must be requested. Pricing increases with the size of the home and if you want it weekly done.

Starting Price: $175/mo

Office Address: 800 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210

Phone Number: (615) 323-5134

Website: https://www.homebirdlabs.com/

7) Maid Cleaning Nashville

Overview: Nashville based cleaning service company providing quality cleaning with eco-friendly products. Maid Cleaning Nashville provides deep cleaning at every requested home with no extra costs. Great for pet owners and Airbnb providers. You get a great luxury styled cleaning from a highly rated business.

Starting Price: $145

Office Address:1620, 1600 Cahal Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Phone Number: (615) 290-5566

Website: https://www.maidcleaningnashville.com/

cleaning bathroom in nashville

8) Angel Maids

Overview: Service that offers satisfaction guaranteed with home cleaning. Angel maids want to give you peace of mind with a clean home with services that are licensed, bonded and Insured. By providing lower prices and greater value, Angel Maids is a service for all kinds of clientele

Starting Price: $119

Address: 501 Metroplex Dr #102, Nashville, TN 37211

Phone Number: (615) 331-6627

Website: https://angelmaids.net/

9) Sparkly House Cleaning

Overview: From initial cleaning for new clients to frequent standard cleaning, Sparkly House Cleaning service provides quality tidying assistance using their own products and within the suggested time frame. Being that it is a contract-free company, they offer a flat rate for personal touches of owners and qualified cleaners.

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Phone Number: (615) 208-4271

Website: sparklyhousecleaning.com

10) De-Luxe Cleaning Servies

Overview: De-luxe Cleaning Service, also known as Maid Nashville, offers services with a satisfaction guarantee. This business takes pride in being the top cleaning service in Nashville offering standard to deluxe cleaning. Two employees work an average of 3 hours on cleaning your home and follow certain structures and guides to do it the deluxe way.

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Office Address: 106 Redd Ct, Nashville, TN 37211

Phone Number:(615) 400-6424

Website: https://maidnashville.com/

Who’s Your Favorite Nashville Cleaning Service?

No matter the size of your job, a great Nashville house cleaning company can make your home sparkle while you relax. We hope our list of the 10 best house cleaning services in Nashville has helped you find a great cleaning service! If so, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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