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June 10, 2019
Subdivisions in Spring Hill

The 10 Best Subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee

Neighborhood subdivisions provide anything that someone could want from a place to live: friendly neighbors, access to common spaces, safe roads, and high quality homes. Spring Hill, Tennessee has a number of these subdivisions that you could call home. Below are the ten best neighborhood subdivisions that you and your family could start calling home as early as today. No matter how large your family is, there is a friendly neighborhood waiting to welcome you just inside Spring Hill, Tennessee. Hopefully this review helps you find the one that suits your needs. Enjoy learning about the ten best neighborhood subdivisions in the lovely city of Spring Hill, Tennessee.


Retirement Communities

Sometimes, retirement neighborhoods can feel cramped and constricting after downsizing and may not provide the right community that the elderly person in your life is craving. However, these wonderful retirement communities have a lot to offer as subdivisions that you cannot find in care homes or even in your own home.

Southern Springs by Del Webb

Southern Springs by Del Webb has some of the best floor plans available. Beautiful, open ranch style homes greet you at Southern Springs by Del Webb and because of the choice to go with ranch homes, this neighborhood is absolutely perfect for retirees who have downsized, but do not want to feel cramped in a smaller home.

Some homes even include Smart Home properties that you can take advantage of the moment that you move in. With systems like smart home technology that allows you to call anyone you need to at ant time and technology that allows you to enjoy the home to the fullest, Southern Springs by Del Webb is clearly an incredible choice for retired individuals trying to find their perfect neighborhood match.

Somerby Franklin

Though located a few miles outside of the Spring Hill city limits, one cannot talk about retirement subdivisions in middle Tennessee without talking about the excellence of Somerby Franklin. There are caregivers always mere moments away if your relative at Somerby needs any extra help at any time. A community like this is hard to come by, and you will certainly pay for the best while you are here.

Somerby Franklin has a friendly atmosphere that does not feel like that of your traditional retirement community. Rather, it feels like a second home. Picturesque and serene, your time at Somerby Franklin is time well spent.


For Families

Families need safe neighborhoods where they can spread out and be themselves while also feeling a sense of community that only the best neighborhood subdivisions have. These are some of the best subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee for families.

Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove is a perfect neighborhood for anyone with children. On the official neighborhood website, it tells you everything you could want or need to know about the school track from which elementary school your little student would attend to the high school that they would later attend. The neighborhood even has an app where you can check on important neighborhood happenings.

Being well informed is an aspect of life at Cherry Grove that it just not offered anywhere else. This stunning all brick community will be the perfect place for you and your family to have fun, relax, and live your lives as the proud residents of Spring Hill, Tennessee that you should be.

Autumn Ridge

Home to a number of families, Autumn Ridge is perfect for the family that is new to Spring Hill, Tennessee and wants to connect with people of similar ages and interests. The community behind this subdivision is what sets it apart from the other subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Your children are bound to make friends playing at the pool and community clubhouse or even at Harvey Park, a safe, local park that is a short walk outside of the community.

Autumn Ridge will help you feel instantly at home in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Living the best life that you can and enjoying every minute of it is the premise behind life at Autumn Ridge, and you are sure to enjoy the time that you spend living in one of the ten best neighborhood subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Harvest Point

Harvest Point is the perfect place for you and your family to take root and make the most out of all that Spring Hill, Tennessee has to offer. Harvest Point is focused on helping families feel right at home very quickly, close to area attractions and offering many amenities and community benefits to help you fall in love and stay in love with the Spring Hill community.

Close to many top schools in the state of Tennessee, Harvest Point will be a place that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come. This neighborhood subdivision has a brilliant master plan laid out, and because of that, they provide a wonderful way for you to get in touch and keep in touch with the community itself and be a part of something beautiful.

Haynes Crossing

Haynes Crossing is a wonderful place for families to live because of the activity of the homeowners’ association there. With plenty of meetings to attend to discuss what is going on in the community and ways to improve the community so that everyone has a better time, there are so many ways that you can vouch for your family and make sure that your voice is heard.

Haynes Crossing is one of the best communities in Spring Hill because it is one where individuals can easily get involved and help make change happen. While any other neighborhoods make decisions that impact their residents without even speaking to them at first, at Haynes Crossing, the power is in the hands of the residents. For that, Haynes Crossing is easily one of the ten best neighborhood subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee.


For New Residents

If you are moving to the Spring Hill, Tennessee community and are a newer member of the community, there are some communities that are perfect and can welcome you to the Spring Hill, Tennessee atmosphere from the day that you move in.


Canterbury has everything that you could want or need in a community for your first time in the city:

  • Fiber optic Internet connection
  • Playground
  • Junior Olympic pool with cabana and nearby fire pit
  • Kiddie splash pad
  • Green space
  • Future walking trails throughout the community

Canterbury can give you so many comforts and amenities that you can feel so at home in so easily. So many amenities centered around the enjoyment of the community and the residents within the community mean that there are many easy ways for newcomers to the city to make connections and feel at home within their own neighborhood subdivision.


WIth homes built by the incredible builder Celebration Homes, Belshire offers everything that you could want or need as someone who is a new resident to Spring Hill, Tennessee. In Belshire, the most important word about the community is comfort. Not only will you feel comfortable in your Celebration Home, but you will feel comfortable in the community as well.

Secure and fun, Belshire feels like luxury living without the luxury price tag. There is no better way to get started living in a city than living in a luxurious home that gives you everything that you could want and more.

Benevento East

Families choose Benevento East because of the multitude of options available. When so many neighborhood subdivisions feel like cookie cutter carbon copies of each other, it is nice to see that Benevento East does not fit that mold. Because of all of these options, Benevento East is one of the top ten best neighborhood subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Amenities in Benevento East elevate the neighborhood to one that makes sure that you get the best experience that you possibly could out of your time living in Benevento East. Friendly neighbors and community connections can help you feel right at home and answer any questions that you may have about living in such a lovely community.

Wade’s Grove

Wade’s Grove is one of the top selling communities in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With a friendly sign welcoming you into the community, as you drive down the streets you will notice the calmness and serenity of Wade’s Grove, which is perfect for new residents who may or may not be antsy about moving to a new city for the first time. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban Spring Hill, but not so far outside as to make things inconvenient, Wade’s Grove offers a perfect balance for you as you move into Spring Hill.

There are so many homes that can suit your needs in Wade’s Grove that there really is something for everyone who lives there. If you need a home to be disability friendly, Wade’s Grove can make it happen. If you need a home to be multigenerational, Wade’s Grove has something for you. The flexibility and number of options helps make Wade’s Grove one of the ten best neighborhood subdivisions in Spring Hill, Tennessee.


Feel at Home in These Ten Outstanding Subdivisions

These ten subdivisions offer some of the best sources of community that Spring Hill, Tennessee has to offer. Whether you and your family are new to the community, are looking for somewhere to put your retired loved one, or just want to bring your family to a new place to live, Spring Hill, Tennessee has so much to offer for you by way of their friendly, beautiful neighborhood subdivisions.

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