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Hair Salons in Spring Hill

The 10 Best Hair Salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee

When looking for the right hair salon, there can be a lot of options. Not all hair salons are created equally as some have specialties and offer services that others do not, not to mention the fact that some hair salons have better staff and service than others. However, these are the ten best hair salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Here, you never have to worry about quality and you will always leave satisfied with your look. You will always have the best service and get the best of the best when it comes to your services.


Best Salons For Coloring

best hair coloring salons in spring hill tn

Properly dying hair and doing a good job while doing it is not something that you can find at every salon. Some hair salons will not even attempt hair coloring because of the complications that can arise. However, there are some salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee that not only offer to dye hair, but they do it with service unparalleled.

Mark Ray Color Lab

Steven Mark Ray, the genius behind the Color Lab, works with clients to provide custom colors that can work to fit any price range. When you enter the color lab, the questions immediately begin about what a particular client is looking for, what they want to avoid, the history of their hair, and budgetary questions are minimal. The Color Lab makes it clear that they care about the customer, not the customer’s wallet.

If you have seen it anywhere, the Color Lab has either done it before or has the ability to try. Creating any hue that you could possibly want is super easy and the Color Lab keeps you involved throughout every step of the process so that you can get exactly the style that you want.

Ascension Salon and Spa

Ascension Salon and Spa earns a spot as one of the top ten best hair salons in Spring Hill, not just because it can provide an entire salon experience, but because of the variety of options that they provide for dying hair alone. Highlights, regrowth touch ups, and entire hair colorings are on the table with spa quality treatment for all of the above. Their variety of creative colors are also something to marvel at, with care and attention even put into partial highlights of the most fun colors you can think of.

Ascension Salon and Spa has a high price, but your hair is an investment and that will pay for itself in no time at all.


Best Salon For Haircuts

Whether you just want to cut off an inch or you want to cut off a foot, these next salons are the best salons for getting a haircut. Whether you want your hair layered, tapered, or want some bangs for a change, these salons are the best places to go in Spring Hill for a good haircut.

Mane Street Hair Company

Mane Street Hair Company is the perfect place to go get the perfect haircut. Listening to you and talking to you throughout the process to make sure the cut is everything that you want for it to be and more.

With a homey feel that leaves you with a salon experience that you will keep wanting to come back to, Mane Street Hair Company is one of the ten best hair salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee because of its dedication to great haircuts. Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and a variety of hair cutting services make Mane Street one of the best that there is.

Salon Blonde

Salon Blonde is a premier destination for haircuts and hairstyling. Salon Blonde is one of the best salons in town if you are looking for a new haircut to try something a bit different. With stylists that are willing to work with you throughout every step of the process and talk you through their own experiences with hairstyles so that you can make an informed decision, Salon Blonde offers a great haircut experience.

Clean, kind, and high quality, Salon Blonde is the perfect salon to take care of all of your hair care needs. The next time you need a new style, go to Salon Blonde and know that you will be in good hands.


Bridal Hair Salons

best bridal hair salons in spring hill tn

Doing your hair for the big day is not a task that should be relegated to just anyone. This is one of the biggest days of your life, so you want to make sure that your hair looks perfect as you get ready for the big day. These Spring Hill salons do everything they can to make sure that your bridal hair looks immaculate.

Hair Essentials Salon

Done on a by-appointment basis, Hair Essentials Salon can come to you and give you the bridal look of your dreams at your destination. They can give you everything from

  • Highlights and a cut for the big day
  • An updo
  • A half-up, half-down look
  • Work with hairpieces, veils, and flowers
  • Do looks for your bridesmaids as long as you ask beforehand

Hair essentials is sure to give you everything you want out of your wedding looks and can help be the finishing touch to the wedding of your dreams.

Sweet Peas Salon

This salon, located in a rustic-looking Spring Hill home, is very personable both over the phone when booking appointments and in person. Everyone you talk to there is professional while still maintaining humanity. The staff at Sweet Peas makes you feel like you are at a friend’s house getting your hair done, which is such a lovely change from the atmosphere of most other salons.

Sweet Peas’ bridal looks start at $60 for an updo and go up from there, depending on the kind of look that you want for your wedding. Sweet Peas Salon is perfect for the bride to be and could also be the perfect salon for her whenever it is not her wedding day, either as they offer wonderful care for all of their customers.


Best Children’s Salons

Getting a child’s hair cut can often be difficult, with some children throwing tantrums or being afraid of razors and scissors. However, some salons are perfect for dealing with children’s hair and these are some of the ten best hair salons in Spring Hill that deal with children’s hair.

Coral Salon & Spa

Though a salon and spa may not be the salon that you had in mind for your child’s haircut, Coral Salon and Spa offers an atmosphere that cannot be beaten. Because of the cool staff, unique environment, and fun attitudes that everyone has there, your child will likely have the time of his or her young life while getting their haircut.

Turning a hair appointment into a fun time is something to be seen in every single one of the top ten salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee, but Coral Salon & Spa makes it their mission and embodies that every time someone walks through the door. With a good time always waiting around the corner, your first trip to Coral Salon & Spa is sure not to be your last.

Texture Salon

Another Spring Hill salon with a family-friendly atmosphere is Texture Salon. A great gem of the Spring Hill, Tennessee community, Texture Salon is one of the ten best salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee because of the community that it fosters among its clients and the camaraderie between staff members that makes it the ideal place to take your child and get a haircut at a reduced price for them.

Even though the children’s haircut is cheaper, there is no sacrifice in quality. This haircut is treated just like any other haircut and your child is treated like a special client. This attention to your child cannot be beaten and makes this one of the best hair salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Men’s Hair Salons in Spring Hill

hair salons for men in spring hill tn

Almost all hair salons serve women, but a few salons on this list will also cut and color men’s hair as well. Make it a cute date and bring a special man in your life to one of the best men’s hair salons in the Spring Hill community.

Bréon Hair Salon

A top-notch beauty salon in the Spring Hill area, there is not much that you cannot get done at Bréon. From waxes to cuts to colors, you and the man in your life can come out looking as fresh as daisies. He can get a cut, highlights, his gray covered, or even try an all new hair color if he so chooses. With so many fantastic options, it is hard to go wrong.

The Bréon hair salon experience is one thing that makes it one of the top ten salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With a gentle, caring touch that is bound to make both you and the men in your life feel taken care of, this salon experience is like a luxury that you will want to keep coming back to time and time again.

Refine Men’s Salon of Cool Springs

Though outside the city limits of Spring Hill, this is one of the most well-known and best reviewed men’s salons in the Franklin and Spring Hill, Tennessee area. A place where men can go and be taken care of while having their hair cut, this men’s salon offers a relaxing atmosphere as opposed to their local barber shop.

Refine Men’s Salon of Cool Springs is one of the best places that a man can go in the Spring Hill area and get his hair cut, getting the look that he wants without feeling like it is a chore. He will leave refreshed, refined, and looking better than ever before.


Trust Your Hair to These Top Ten Salons

These salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee are some of the best in the business. Known for their friendliness, these salons embody all the qualities that a good salon should have. With this in mind, you can trust any one of these top ten salons in Spring Hill, Tennessee to take care of you and leave you feeling like a new person.

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