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June 10, 2019
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The 10 Best Churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee

A good church should feel like a second home. It is a place where you and your family should feel as though they can worship freely and feel the love of Christ from  not only the preachers or pastors, but from the interactions with the other members of the church. These ten churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee provide some of the best fellBiblical study in the middle Tennessee area. The moment that you walk in to any one of these churches, you are sure to feel the presence of the glory of God. Enjoy your Sundays with these top ten best churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee.


Sunday Schools

Sunday schools are the foundation for many young believers, so you want to attend a church with a high quality Sunday school program so that you know that they are dedicated to all of their believers, not just the ones that sit in the pews. Child care services during church services are also important for families, so making sure your church has high quality child care is essential.

The Bridge Church Spring Hill

The Bridge Church has an incredible program for kids and students so that they can stay a member of the church from their childhood all the way through their adulthood. Always age-appropriate in their teachings of the Bible, The Bridge Church provides a safe place for children to ask the big questions about God and the Bible.

There are secure kids’ check-in software to put your child into the system at the Bridge, and once they are in they have a designated and age-appropriate area to play, be safe, and learn the word of Jesus among their peers. With child security like this, The Bridge Church is easily one of the ten best churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

First Baptist Church

If you are looking for a Sunday school for you and your family is Baptist, then some of the best Sunday school services come from First Baptist Church. Offering everything from appropriate Sunday school classes for children of all ages as well as a Vacation Bible Study that allows you to give your child a week in summer to learn about the faith as well as on Sundays, First Baptist Church has everything that a Baptist family could want in a church.

With sermons that preach the love, grace, and forgiveness of Christ, children will feel welcome and accept Jesus into their hearts easily and stay with the faith for the rest of their lives. You can feel secure knowing that your child is in the hands of true, loving, Baptist believers at First Baptist Church.

Spring Hill United Methodist Church

If you are looking for an appropriate Methodist Sunday school for your children, then you have found a home in the Spring Hill United Methodist Church Sunday school. Every person there loves and cares for each of the children, so not only do you know that your child is physically safe in their Sunday school, but you know that your child will be spiritually protected as they embark on a lifelong journey with Jesus as their guide.

They embody the belief that true faith is the path to salvation, and using the Holy Bible as their guide, they teach every child in their Sunday school what it means to have faith and what it means to be a true believer in Christ.


Bible Studies

Following the word of the Scripture is something that every good Christian should do every single day, and the best way to make sure that you are embodying the word of God is to study it with fellow believers. These churches offer exceptional Bible studies with people who want to study the Scripture in order to strengthen their personal relationship with God and allow Christ completely in their hearts.

Spring Hill Church of Christ

The Spring Hill Church of Christ is a church that offers many events at one time, but perhaps the best thing that they host is their Bible study.

  • On Wednesdays, they host a devotional and a Bible study open to all people
  • On Mondays, they host a Bible study for men
  • On Tuesdays, they host a ladies’ Bible study class

With options for everyone, the Spring Hill Church of Christ welcomes everyone of all genders, ages, and relationships with God to study the Good Book and become a better believer and a more passionate follower of Christ. Because they are so welcome and because this is exactly the kind of mission that Jesus would want, they are one of the top ten best churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The Church at Spring Hill

The Church at Spring Hill offers a variety of community groups that you can join that meet at various followers’ houses multiple times a week. These 6-8 person groups allow for members of the church to connect with one another on a more personal level and get to grow in their faith with the help of other believers. Though not every community group meeting is spent poring over Scripture, a majority of them talk about the word of God.

Community Groups are some easy ways to build friends in the Spring community and within the church itself. The Church at Spring Hill is a wonderful place to build your relationship with other people in the community and God as well.


Good Fellowship

These churches have some of the best fellowship in the state of Tennessee. With communities created with Jesus in mind, these churches offer fellowship in prayer that translates to amazing friends outside of church as well.

Lifehouse Church

Lifehouse Church has an incredible fellowship because of the fact that it exists to use the word of God as a way to improve the surrounding city. The best part of this is that the people at Lifehouse Church recognize that no one can build up and better a city alone. Rather, it takes the work of a village or a flock to be the change that they want to see in the world.

With so many campuses throughout the middle Tennessee area, Lifehouse Church offers fellowship through not just the church that you attend, but also through fellowship within the interconnected church community as well.

Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church has a wonderful fellowship community because of the Episcopal diocese with which it is tied. Sermons guide each member of the church towards the light of the Trinity, and in this guidance the sermons at Grace Episcopal Church encourage everyone within the churchy to go towards the light.

It is this encouragement, this reaching towards the light of God that can be felt in every member of the church and can be heard in every word of the sermons. Go to Grace Episcopal Church to feel the presence of Christ and love from fellow believers. Once met with open arms, you will be sure to find a second home.

Restoration Community Church

Restoration Community Church focuses on the community in its name. With mission work and many groups to reach out and do good works, it is surely one of the top ten best churches in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With high school camps that reach out to students so that while they learn about things in school, they can also learn about the faith, Restoration Community Church is a destination for those who want to be more spiritually awakened.

Restoration Community Church has a lot of partnerships within the Spring Hill, Tennessee community as well. Through this, you too can become one with the Spring Hill community and feel connected through Christ and through working with local businesses.


Good Sermons

The word of the Lord is the word of the Almighty, but the words from the preachers, pastors, and priests of the church matter as much as their emphasis on the word of God. Here are the churches that articulate that best.

The Church at Station Hill

The Church at Station Hill preaches the word of God in a beautiful, eloquent way. Not only are the words themselves wonderful, but they truly make you feel the glory of God. Articulate and pleasing to the ear and to the soul, the sermons at The Church at Station Hill cannot be beaten.

The sermons of The Church at Station Hill will have you writing your own letters to God, searching your own vocabulary for the right way to describe the work of the Lord and the way that God intends for you to feel His love and light.

First Presbyterian Church Spring Hill

One of the only Presbyterian churches in the area, this church communicates the word of God in an eloquent way that makes you feel connected to Christ in the best way possible. The words of the sermons echo and tug at your heartstrings, compelling you to pray and feel closer to God.

The First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill is the perfect place to listen and digest the words of the sermon and better your relationship with God through contemplation and self-discovery and exploration. This church should be a place of reflection and basking in the words of the sermon and the holy word of God.


Strengthen Your Faith in Spring Hill, Tennessee

These ten churches are some of the best places that you can go to reinforce your relationship with God and truly allow Jesus to enter your heart and change your life forever. Each and every single one of these institutions is fine and upstanding, with opportunities to feel the word of God at every corner. Here, you are sure to grow in your faith with Christ.

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