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June 10, 2019
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Boutiques in Spring Hill

The 10 Best Boutiques in Spring Hill, Tennessee

Spring Hill, Tennessee is the perfect place for small boutiques to open their doors and sell to the hundreds of families that live here. Providing cute clothes, good ambiance, and a small business to support rather than a chain, boutiques are perfect and abundant. Spring Hill, Tennessee has some of the best boutiques in the state with a great community of entrepreneurship and hometown feel. With all of this, you are bound to enjoy ten of the best boutiques in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Shop until you drop at these ten boutiques for yourself and for every member of your family.


Bridal Boutiques

Local bridal shops can offer the most personalized and loving care and bring something incredible to your wedding. With love and care and hope for the big day to be the most special it can possibly be, these bridal boutiques are some of the best centers of community that Spring Hill, Tennessee has to offer. You are sure to be impressed by these bridal boutiques.

Spring Hill Formals

With a variety of gowns for bridesmaids, prom, débutantes, and wedding dresses, Spring Hill Formals is a fabulous locally owned boutique shop that has everything you could ever need to wear for any occasion. Staffers there assist to make sure that you get the best help that you could possibly get and get the look that you want for whatever event that you need to plan for.

With designers like Sherri Hill always in stock, Spring Hill Formals has every possible look that you could want. Try shopping at Spring Hill Formals for your very own next formal event.

A Woman’s Touch

One of the more homey boutiques out of the ten best boutiques in Spring Hill, A Woman’s Touch is well known throughout the Spring Hill community for its service. Wanda, known for her alterations and charming customer service, elevates this boutique experience into one that you will not soon forget.

A Woman’s Touch offers not only the boutique looks that you go to shop for, but the personalized and tailored clothing experience that comes with getting alterations done. Honest, human, and homey, this bridal boutique is sure to have you feeling secure in your dress on the big day.


Children’s Boutiques

If you are going to shop at a boutique for yourself, why not also make sure the children in your lives are dressed in boutique clothes like you are? These children’s boutiques make sure that your children are well dressed in high-quality fabrics with the cutest designs. They will be the talk of the playground if you shop from these top notch shops.

Priss & Pearls

Another boutique on this list with a homestyle feel, there are so many beautiful looks that Priss & Pearls has to offer that it spills onto a beautiful porch. What really makes Priss & Pearls stand out, and what earns it a spot as one of the ten best boutiques in Spring Hill, is that it has an entire room dedicated to creating these same looks for infants and children.

The children’s room at Priss & Pearls carries an array of boutique children’s fashion while still being an amazing boutique for other more adult members of the family. Priss & Pearls has such a wonderful selection for your children that you are sure not to be disappointed.


Fireflies is another boutique located inside of one of Spring Hill’s oldest homes. Unlike some of the other boutiques on this list, Fireflies specializes in simpler designs like screen printed tees. If you want to get a piece of matching jewelry for yourself and your daughter, Fireflies is home to several local artisan jewelers that create looks that both you and that special child in your life can share.

With a delectable antique feel and a less common, but still Spring Hill chic boutique look, Fireflies is the perfect place to shop for your kids if you want to still support local businesses without having the traditional boutique look, which is great if you want something different.


Men’s Boutiques

It is very rare to find a boutique that will sell menswear, let alone boutiques that do it with grace. However, the wonderful boutiques in Spring Hill, Tennessee never fail to disappoint! With everything from men’s accessories to men’s apparel, these boutiques offer experiences that are just as high quality for men as they are for women, if not even better.

Faith & Nate

With a charming collection of vintage looking baseball caps, tee shirts, and fun socks, Faith & Nate has just the thing for the men in your life. Faith & Nate not only has so much to offer for the men in your life, but Faith & Nate also has a number of collections to choose from:

  • The Faith collection, which primarily has inspirational women’s jewelry
  • The Sawyer collection, with jewelry that says “Always in my heart” and is named after the owners’ late son, Nathan-Sawyer
  • All other items not included in curated collections, but still fit the aesthetic

Faith & Nate also has an online presence if you cannot make it to the fun boutique storefront. If you get the chance to visit Faith & Nate, be sure to say hello to the kind owners because they will make your visit to one of the best boutiques in Spring Hill that much more worth it.

Vintage 615

Located on Spring Hill’s Main Street, Vintage 615 specializes in boutique clothing that feels just as vintage as the name implies. With screen printed looks that are chiefly unisex but also specific just to men, this boutique captures the essence of the Spring Hill area. They also have fun socks for men with the state of Tennessee or the tri-star design from the Tennessee state flag as well.

Because of the multitude of varied designs offered by Vintage 615, it has a wholesome atmosphere that is different from that of the standard boutique, yet it still feels like the same boutique experience.


Women’s Boutiques

Though nearly all boutiques on this list serve women, these shops specialize in women’s accessories and apparel. In an atmosphere already catered towards women, it is nice to see the care and attention put into curating boutique fashion lines at these boutiques. With a promise like that, you are sure to enjoy shopping at these fine boutique shops.

Lily & Rose

Lily & Rose is the perfect boutique for any woman in Spring Hill who wants to embody the aesthetic and the spirit of Spring Hill. With the right amount of flowy, bohemian style dresses mixed with screen printed, local tee shirts and handmade jewelry, Lily & Rose is everything that you could be looking for in a boutique.

If there is so much at Lily & Rose that you don’t know what to get, you could always consider going with an e-gift card for that special someone so that they too can shop and experience the lovely atmosphere at Lily & Rose.

Changing Seasons Shoppe

Another boutique that is sure to please is the Changing Seasons Shoppe. A favorite for women of all ages in the Spring Hill community, the Changing Seasons Shoppe is known for its handmade looking goods. This shop exudes the rustic romance that embodies Spring Hill with handmade bows and scarves that will perfectly accent the women’s apparel they have on sale.

The Changing Seasons Shoppe also rotates its fashions with the seasons, so to truly appreciate this boutique, be sure to visit more than once a year to see what else they have in store.


Salon & Boutique Shops

Salons and boutique clothes go hand in hand. Several local entrepreneurs have decided to combine both the boutique experience and beauty salon quality into one fine business. These shops do it the best and will leave you feeling fresh and pampered.

My Mom & Me

Though not emphasizing couture boutique fashion as much, My Mom & Me provides a perfect boutique salon experience and sells locally made hair products. Their service is what earns them a spot as one of the ten best boutiques in Spring Hill, working with clients over the course of long periods of time to make sure their hairstyles are exactly what the client wants them to be.

Because of this continued work with the clients and dedication to happiness and success, My Mom & Me is the perfect boutique for you and your mom to make a date and get a hair makeover from professionals who care.

Revive Salon & Boutique

Revive Salon & Boutique is a clean, homestyle salon that will take care of you from the moment that you walk in until the moment that you walk out. They can do everything that you want done to your hair and make sure you have an incredible salon experience to boot.

This overall salon experience is what secures them a spot as one of the ten best boutiques in Spring Hill, even if it isn’t a boutique in the shop sense.


Shop Small Until You Drop

At these fine retailers, you are sure to find something new for your friends, family, and even for yourself. With wholesome atmospheres and friendly faces behind the counter, you will fall in love with the ten best boutiques in Spring Hill the moment that you set foot in the door.

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